Good afternoon everyone!

It’s good to be back. We needed a bit of a revamping thought wise and well we got downright busy in real life haha. But we promise to be spending more time on here. This is mainly the reason for the title. Laziness definitely set in alongside the busy part! So how do you beat it? And what will beating it get you? Laziness is definitely something that has plagued myself over the years. I know I could accomplish 100x the amount of things I currently manage to complete. But the laziness always… ALWAYS… kicks in. So I’m working on beating it and getting over it. I spent maybe an hour yesterday pondering how to do it and reading articles online about tips on how to beat it. I came to one conclusion. There is no right way to do it – just ways to help you get over the hump. Countless articles stated how people were setting goals and striving towards them. Or, spending 15 minutes doing something and end up working on it for a lengthy period of time. Most say that it is just a matter of getting started. While I believe this is true, I find it difficult to actually get to that point. I, myself, have many plans for this blog and that doesn’t even include my partner on here. There are things we want to do but we just get bogged down by the day. So we end up passing our time with something completely useless. So this leads me to my next move – beating laziness.

Personal Finance and Personal Fitness each required a degree of discipline and a desire to accomplish. Laziness is definitely at the FOREFRONT of anybody who wants to do well in each area. So where do we even begin to get started? Laziness by definition: “The quality of being unwilling to work or use energy; idleness” while its partner Procrastination is defined as: “The action of delaying or postponing something”. Procrastination leads to laziness – you really can’t have one without the other! So you may say to yourself – it’s easy! You can beat laziness by action, this is true, but easier said than done. Most people fall into a routine when it comes to laziness and whether they want to or not, do not break it. Routines are bad in a sense – the desire to change becomes harder and the more habitual they become. Change is tough on a lot of people, yet, it is generally the best route for them. Another issue when it comes to procrastination and laziness is outright fear of what may happen. “What will happen to me if I do get that new job? What will happen if I open that new business? Will I be alright if I push myself harder to go the gym, I mean, I am really out of shape. I can’t afford to save money I won’t be able to do the things I want!” …. These are all questions that could stop people from moving forward. The fear of the unknown and the fear of rejection/being hurt. It pushes us to stay the same, and never change. Just fit in with the crowd, you’ll be alright! WRONG WRONG WRONG. It takes a person who wants to get things done to progress… you have to want to be a better person, why would you want to be anything else?

So here is a step by step process to help you beat that nagging negativity that encourages your laziness and procrastination. I won’t pummel you with the “just do it” attitude. It’s not that easy for everyone.

1. What do you want to do? The number one way to get started is to figure out what is causing the laziness. Say for example you want to build that website you’ve wanted for two years. Establish this as your goal and map out why you want it.

  • To earn extra income down the line
  • To be capable of saying you built your own website with your friends (bragging right)
  • To share your knowledge and network with other people who are like-minded.

2. Determine how you will achieve this – the best way to beat laziness is action

  • Reading a book on the topic
  • Taking a class in HTML to get hands on experience
  • Purchase HTML software (ie. Dreamweaver)

3. Set a time-table! This is the key to goals you want done in the short-term. If you do not set a time-table – you will continue to waste time. After all – why get done now what you can do later? BAD ATTITUDE. Get it done now! Get started now! The only thing holding you back is you.

Personal Fitness and Personal Finance each require the above discipline – nothing gets done if you don’t start. So work on your diet – write it all down! What can you eat? Go outside and take a light jog up the block. Write down your budget, get it started! Once you begin, it is hard to stop. I will continue to build on this topic for sure. So stay tuned. Also expect some video over the next month regarding personal fitness!