How to Increase Your Bench Press

Many of us want to increase our bench press. So we focus on that: benching. What happens then is that as we continuously use the barbell for bench pressing, an impingement syndrome can start to develop. Then shoulder pain occurs over the years. This can lead to a nagging issue that can remain for long(…)

Sit Up Straight! Posture is key to a healthy spine

Remember what they told you in grade school? SIT UP STRAIGHT! Well, whether those teachers had it in their minds at the time or not, they were definitely right about posture. Proper ergonomic setup in your home AND work is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Rounded shoulders can be a factor in leading to shoulder impingement issues,(…)

It’s aaallllllllllllll in the Hips

One muscle group people easily forget….HIPS   Hip strength is just as important as any other muscle group! Stronger hips can help support stronger knees and a strong back. Many people forget about these muscle groups: hip extensors, hip flexors, hip abductors and hip adductors. Don’t be one of them!! In addition to strength, flexibility(…)

Faster way to drop those pounds…and keep them off!

Weight loss (or weight gain, although weight loss is the more common topic) is all about Calories (units of heat). If you cut back on Calories, they you will cut down on weight. One tip for Calorie consumption: solids are not the only form of Calories. Many people don’t think twice about grabbing their favorite(…)

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