Personal Finance

How To Pay Down Debt? Where to Start…

It just takes dedication and effort. Paying down debt takes time, discipline, and budgeting.¬† Over the last few years I’ve been dealing with a nice chunk of student loan debt – wayyyyy tooo much haha. Anyway I’ve definitely done my fair amount of reading on how to consolidate and lower my payments. This is all(…)

$100 Start Up

Good afternoon everyone, I wanted to touch on a book today, $100 Start Up. I began reading the book last Thursday and I’m actually almost finished the book. The book is written by Author¬†Chris Guillebeau… A self-starting entrepreneur for numerous years. He has established himself as a constant adventurer – the dream of most entrepreneurs.(…)

Hitting Your Budget and Body Home.

Whoa, wait a minute. ? Budget and body? They don’t go together! Really, they don’t? Same concept, I’ll explain. We’ve stressed how discipline and urge to improve yourself effect both Personal Finance and Personal Fitness. Your body and finances can each be ran on a budget. I’m sure some people are a bit confused on(…)

Are you prepared for losing a job?

Good afternoon guys. I wanted to discuss a topic that probably hovers over a lot of peoples minds… Losing a job and/or quitting a job. How do you prepare for it? There are a multitude of reasons a person could quit/lose their job. I won’t dive into them – the question is, what do you(…)

New Toy? Sure! No, wait! Save!

Is that new trinket really worth it? I have a vice – electronics, I love them. Give me one and I’ll play with it for hours on end. Especially if it’s my iPad, my PC, or a new phone. I love learning the insides and outs of the devices. I always wanted the newest and(…)