Whoa, wait a minute. ? Budget and body? They don’t go together!

Really, they don’t? Same concept, I’ll explain.

We’ve stressed how discipline and urge to improve yourself effect both Personal Finance and Personal Fitness. Your body and finances can each be ran on a budget. I’m sure some people are a bit confused on this, but it is true.

Think about it -

When you generally discuss your budget it involves your finances. How much you spend, on what, and how much you earn. It enables you to see how much you are capable of saving each month and to see where you are spending too much! You can use the same methodology when it comes to your body.

For example, you can budget out your food intake. Say… On Monday you have 2100 calories to spend – so you eat 2300 calories during the day. You counteract the overage by working out for an hour during the day and burning 300 calories. What’s left – an extra 100 calories. So you saved your body 100 calories. You could continue to budget yourself weekly on just calories alone! If you want to push this even further you can break down your workouts into a budget format and go from there.

When you put your mind to something, it is an amazing what may happen. Just do what is best for you and stay on track.