Getting take out is fast and efficient but it can be very expensive and you may be consuming more calories than your think! Believe me when I say, I am a man of convenience but I have discovered a better form of convenience than having take out everyday: opening your fridge and putting food in your paper bag a.k.a. lunchbox. Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes take-out hits the spot. But, when you are talking about your belly as well as your wallet, sometimes a packed lunch satisfies both worlds. So, what did I stock my fridge with? I’m glad you asked. First, as you may have gathered from previous posts, hydration goes a long way. I purchased two 36 pack of water, 24 pack of Gatorade (favorite flavors berry and cherry), 24 pack of pineapple juice.
Now with regards to food: dark chocolate (anti-oxidants), frozen fruits and vegetables, whey protein, yogurt, V8 sparkling water (actually not half bad) for a quick vegetable count, chicken, tilapia, hummus, and chocolate milk. I like this combo of items because you are covering your important food groups and these items are the definition of convenience. So you can now always bring a meal/power snack on the go without heading for take out for lunch. Now that you know what my stocked fridge options, what’s yours?

“Muscles in the bank”