The dreaded news… I have been dealing with patellar tendon pain with my left knee for about 5 years now. Over the past 8 months, my right patellar tendon has been causing me pain. I can’t run, squat, jump or lift without my knees blowing up with fluid. I have played sports my entire life and started lifting heavy weights since I was 13 years old. Now being 26 years old, I am beginning to pay for my over-exertion. I have developed what I thought was bilateral patellar tendonosis.  I have done every physical therapy intervention available to me: TENS, ultrasound, transverse friction massage, ice massage, etc. Regardless of what I did I still seemed to be on a steady decline. I stopped playing sports, stopped squatting, heavy leg days, etc. I decided I would go to the doctor’s and get an MRI for my left knee first secondary to that side being more chronically involved. I was glad and not glad that I did. The reason my Left patellar tendon wasn’t healing was because it is partially torn! So now what? Surgery? I think not. I have yet to read any literature with consistent solid results of success. So, the best route that I am left with is PRP (platelet rich plasma) injections. This is a procedure where my blood will be drawn, centrifuged (meaning a big machine that spins my blood and seperates the components of blood (by their densities)), and the platelets removed. It will then be injected into the damaged site. This will cause an inflammatory response and hopefully, hopefully, new growth. Yes, it will be painful! And I may have to go back for more. But time will tell!