PRP Part 3.0

Well, it has been about 6 weeks since my PRP injection in my left patellar tendon tear (inferior pole) as well as in my R knee for patellar tendonosis (I decided to do it while I was there). Previously, I have been diagnosed with a partial patellar tendon tear in my left knee and tendonopathy in my right knee secondary to heavy weightlifting and sports. My only options for my left knee were: do nothing (it would rupture eventually), go for surgical debridement to remove excess scar tissue and perhaps do a repair (if possible, but unlikely) or to go for PRP injections with the hope for potential healing. So, if you haven’t picked it up from the title, I went for PRPs. PRPs, platelet rich plasma, are injections where they extract your blood, centrifuge the blood, remove the platelets (which contain healing factors) and then inject it into the injured site. There has been recent research that PRPs can help restore torn/damaged tendons. So now it has been a little over 6 weeks and no real change has been seen. I swam last week and have started doing light, and I do mean light, lower extremity exercises to continually enhance blood flow. Tendons do not have the best blood supply, especially in comparison to muscles, so I want to stimulate blood flow the best I can. I have been trying to set up another appointment but the doctor’s assistant (whom I have called twice), seems to not return my calls for some reason despite her saying she will after talking with the doctor. I will post another update in about 6 weeks.

“Muscles in the Bank”