Remember what they told you in grade school? SIT UP STRAIGHT! Well, whether those teachers had it in their minds at the time or not, they were definitely right about posture. Proper ergonomic setup in your home AND work is vital to a healthy lifestyle. Rounded shoulders can be a factor in leading to shoulder impingement issues, sitting with your knees bent for hours on end can causes achiness, slouching in an office chair can lead to back pain. So, what can we  do? Well for starters: sitting at a 90 degree bend (yes, that means a right angle) in regards to you head-hips-knees (forming a right angle) and again with you hips knees and ankles (again, a right angle) can help distribute pressures adaquately. So, two right angles. In regards to shoulder posture, try to bring your shoulders ALLLL the way back and then take 10% off. That is where you should be throughout the day. Try these two tricks and you may be surprised on how much better you feel!