What gym is right for you? Well, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “What do I need from a gym in order to achieve my goals?”. That question should be your main focus when deciding on a gym. Do you want a facility that has a pool? If you have had prior injuries, swimming is a great form of exercise for individuals with ankle/knee/hip injuries. If you were an athlete that is getting older but still wants to run, perhaps a gym with a basketball/raquet ball/volleyball court is for you. Ultimately, if you want to go to a gym for just weights and cardio, find one that is clean, in a good location and won’t break the bank. Another factor to keep in mind, is the size of the gym. Smaller, private gyms allow a friendly environment but are usually catered for individuals who want to get in and get out without all the other ‘extras’. If you like the social aspect as well as a gym that offers a lot of variety, a larger gym is for you. Also, read the fine print. Some gyms offer bringing a guest for free. Lifting with a partner is a great way to work out!

Buyer Beware: Many gyms usually charge an ‘initiation fee’. This fee can pack quite a wallop at some gyms. I have seen fees between $150-200 just to just for a fee to sign a contract! In my opinion, the fee is silly. That argument salesmen make with regards to fees required for initiation/processing fee is hogwash. The economy is still in shambles, why pay extra? Have the salesmen waive the fee before you sign up. Believe me, there are plenty of gyms that would satisfy your needs. You just have to look! Make that argument to the salesmen and he/she should either waived the fee entirely or at least half it! Believe me, gyms want memberships. They also want profits like all businesses do. You are the shopper. Use your head!